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29 Jan 2013

NIKON COOLPIX P510: how to shoot high speed movie.

Last Sunday I got an opportunity to hold Nikon CoolpixP510 and I was surprised with its performance. The image color tone was really great in auto mode, I must say, sometime greater than my Nikon D5100 DSLR comparison will not be right But here we’ll talk about P510’s  HS 120/fps feature.

My friend came to me with his excited face and brand new P510 and asks me to learn him some cool features. And the first feature came to my mind was its high speed movie i.e. 120 fps,This has become a trend in almost all Nikon P series cameras. That was really a fun.When I told him about this feature he asked me, ‘how to shoot high speed movie’ I told him its very simple  than you think with Nikon user friendly keys.

Press menu button just below in the left side of the navigational key Come 1 step down with navigation key and Go to shooting menu Go to movie setting Select 640x 424; 120fps Now press record button and enjoy. Now he know how to shoot high speed movie with his brand new camera.
Look at the result in this video. This is really funny. I am looking so stupid, please don't laugh.

We will talk about some new feature of Nikon later.

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