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28 Feb 2013

ABA Creation:Photography Tips for Beginners:

How to start with your camera, create your own style of photography, and make great images.

When I was thinking of writing this article I have only one thing in mind how it would be helpful for the beginner photographers (I never call them immature photographers) because  when I started I have faced many problems like choosing my type of photography, what to photograph, how to start etc. and spends lots of time by reading photography tips, watching images but I realize there is no particular type of photography you have to stick with, reality is when you think to be a photographer, sky is the limit, so I thought to share my experience through this article may be this will help you. 

I have seen lots of my friends who are always try to make some stunning photographs but being a beginner photographer they failed most of the time. Reason? Simple they photograph every thing and every time without any vision. They don’t even bother to think what and why they are photographing and that is the reason I found their pictures are very confusing. I also realize that they strongly emphasize on the techniques like taking images with different angles, filling frames with subject, this is good and everyone who photograph must think about that but one should also keep in mind, this techniques alone cannot make great images, techniques can make a photograph good, not great. Then what makes that? Answer is ‘The Subject’. How you treat and how you see your subject. First of all ask yourself what you want to photograph? What is your interest of photography? This is very important; you cannot photograph anything and everything because there is hundreds of styles like Commercial, Event, Macro, Nature, Night, Panoramic, Portraits and People, Sports,  Action, Adventure Underwater, Time-Lapse, Travel, Street, Architectural, Urban, Landscape, Still Life, Wedding Etc, etc, etc.. Don’t worry you just have to choose only one and think, if you are enjoying to photograph them? Obviously it will take your lots of effort and time as well may be more than a year to understand but without follow this step you cannot move further. Be careful may be you will realize there is more than 2 or three style you love to photograph, so don’t be very particular about this. When I started I thought I would only do wildlife photography but when I tied people photography I really enjoyed and now spend my most of the time by taking portraits of people and I realized how this is challenging (I shall discuss about this in detail in my next article that would be focused on portrait photography only).So when you are on the way of making great images from the beginning always keep this 5 things below on your mind.

Think and Shoot: 
Whenever I take pictures first of all I imagine how this look like would, I never ever shoot instantly (this will not applicable on wildlife photography, this type of photography needs instant click because you cannot predict their action.)I think, manage to get my pose and then click. (see pic01)

Be interactive: 
Anything you photograph needs interaction. It means talk to your subject, try to understand their nature whether the subject is live or Still no matter just make relation with them before you click. Being a beginner you really need to practice this and improve this gradually. When I did this I was surprised by the result.  I spend lots of time with flowers, leaves, trees and after a little interaction with them I click my camera. May be this sounds weird but try this, you will be surely surprised. (see pic02)

Be Positive: 
Yes, this may be not seemed to be very important but believe me this is as much important as your subject of photography. Your altitude can simply change the mood of your subject (if you are taking images of peoples.) and your positive altitude can turn your image live. Let’s take a simple example, if you are trying to take a portrait of a kid and he is not looking comfortable while posing, what you think you should do? just keep on photographing her and talk to him about any thing, make him comfortable, be a friend never ever let him know he is not posing according to you, just be nice with him and I promise he’ll award you with a great portrait. (see pic03)

Do Experiments: 
I always like to do lots of experiment with my camera and I realize at the end of the day I got at least one photo in my camera which looks great and most important I get something new. Believe me if you experiment in your photography, actually you make something new which is your very own discovered style. Take some photos with different angle, try to hold camera like never been before, lay down, kneel down, hold camera vertical, use available lights creatively etc, I don’t want you to be confuse, I am just telling you to do something which is yours. This is good to follow great photographers and there photography tips they are universal useful after all they are great, you must follow them but this is necessary to develop your own style which can make you great photographer.

Shoot and learn: 
Go out side and take images, Best way to learn. Practical knowledge is always better and helps you to learn the things faster. Just get out of your home with your camera, take image and see how it works. All the best.

Written by Smita for aba creative works

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