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24 Mar 2013

ABA Creation: How to Check Camera Sensor for Dust and scratches

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Dust and Scratches on your friend's Camera Sensor? What? That’s really very bad news. You want to check your camera for dust and scratches? But don’t know how to check it yourself and don’t want to spend 100 bucks on your doubt? It’s like a nightmare for any camera owner especially for D-SLR owner. No problem here is a simple DIY solution to Check Camera Sensor for scratches and Dust.

So you have a D-SLR and wondering if your sensor is working properly. You know sensor is very sophisticated part of your camera and can be easily damage if it doesn't handle with care. If you get single dust on your camera sensor it could be spoil you photography experience. So how would you check your sensor for scratches and dust particles at home, without any tools and gears, even you don’t need to spend 100 bucks on maintenance. It’s very simple, just watch this video and follow the steps.

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