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2 Apr 2013

Photograph Stars at Night / ABA Creation

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Photograph stars at night are really a fun experience and today I decided to write my experience about photograp­­­­h stars at night without flash. I was totally blind of the results. Actually I wanted to make a photograph which is full of stars and blue sky, but sky looked so black at night with naked eye and very few stars are visible, I had no idea what would I make finally. I was working with Nikon D 5100, a kit lens and a tripod.

starsI decided to put my camera on bulb mode(we’ll discuss later how to use bulb mode in our later post), set the camera on tripod and to keep my camera more steady and sharp, just set the shutter release on 2 sec delay mode (to make camera extra steady) or you can also use shutter release cable or shutter release remote. I clicked some photographs and after some adjustment on Photoshop, got this result. This is how I shoot these stars at night. So grab your camera and let everybody know what you made, share on ABA Creation.

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