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4 Apr 2013

When was the last time you use Bulb mode in your Camera

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Photograph in Bulb Mode
Bulb Mode in a camera is like a fun feature and I really enjoy this item. When I started photography, it was a complete surprising experience, every day I learn something new about my camera and I enjoy this very much, bulb mode was one of them. Before you start make sure you must have a tripod. You can check out this Ravelli APLT2 50" Light Weight Aluminum Tripod with Bag, its cheap an better but you are free to use any one of your choice, without a tripod its difficult to use bulb mode because this feature use slow shutter speed.This particular feature can add a new dimension in your photography. So if you still unaware of how to use bulb mode exist in your camera, just check camera manual guide and search for this feature or if you are using Nikon d5100 like model just turn your camera dial to manual mode, turn your camera focus on manual and focus at infinity, start rotating the shutter speed wheel until it comes to bulb mode. Now enjoy and share your experience, let everybody know what miracle you did with Bulb mode.
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