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8 Apr 2013


Shutter Speed

Shutter speed 1/2000

Camera shutter speed is the duration of time that the shutter remains open and allow light to fall on the sensor. The longer the shutter opens the more light reach the image sensor. It also you can also use it interestingly, if shutter speed is fast, it can freeze the action and requires more light from other source like aperture, because faster shutter speed can not allow more light to reach the sensor, requires wide aperture or high ISO number to equalize the exposure. For example you want to capture some sports action like basket ball and you set the shutter speed as fast as 1/1000 sec, now make sure that you set wide aperture like f/1.4 or f/2.8 or according to whatever the light condition allow you, (we’ll discuss on how to set right exposure in our later post) but now we wont discuss on exposure so lets stick with the topic. Again if shutter speed is slow, it can smooth the moving subject like water but don’t expect to capture any action in slow shutter speed setting. If you are using manual mode, this feature can create magic, depends on how creatively you use this feature. If you want to make shutter opening and closing manually, use bulb mode.

Points to Remember:
1.     To freeze fast action (basket ball match, bike riding etc.) start with 1/800 or 1/1000 sec.
2.     For portraits and regular photos use at least 1/200 sec.
3.     Low shutter speed allows photography in bad light condition.
4.     Fast shutter speed needs larger aperture (smaller f-stops number)
5.     Slow shutter allow smaller aperture (larger f-stops number)
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4 Apr 2013


When was the last time you use Bulb mode in your Camera

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Light painting
Photograph in Bulb Mode
Bulb Mode in a camera is like a fun feature and I really enjoy this item. When I started photography, it was a complete surprising experience, every day I learn something new about my camera and I enjoy this very much, bulb mode was one of them. Before you start make sure you must have a tripod. You can check out this Ravelli APLT2 50" Light Weight Aluminum Tripod with Bag, its cheap an better but you are free to use any one of your choice, without a tripod its difficult to use bulb mode because this feature use slow shutter speed.This particular feature can add a new dimension in your photography. So if you still unaware of how to use bulb mode exist in your camera, just check camera manual guide and search for this feature or if you are using Nikon d5100 like model just turn your camera dial to manual mode, turn your camera focus on manual and focus at infinity, start rotating the shutter speed wheel until it comes to bulb mode. Now enjoy and share your experience, let everybody know what miracle you did with Bulb mode.
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